I thrive in fast-paced, high-growth, and startup environments. I have a reputation for being calm under pressure and for providing constructive response to organizational challenges. Let me help you get where you are going by making sure that your internal systems are as effective and efficient as possible. My approach is collaborative, supportive, and responsive to your team, culture, and business goals. You can be confident that I am your cost efficient one stop resource who will manage your organizational needs at the infrastructure level.

Elizabeth Worthington

Elizabeth@EAWorthington.com | Phone: 518.275.3027

I worked at a summer camp in New Hampshire while I was in high school and college.  It was there that I established my guiding principles of having fun, working hard, and making a difference. These principles guided the contributions I made toward organizational success as I progressed through my career.


My career seems traditional in some senses -- a fairly linear path through human resources management and organizational development. And yet the milestones along the way have been unique and exciting -- going through an internal leveraged buy-out and an IPO, helping build an Agile/Scrum infrastructure for a tech startup, getting a law degree, negotiating a labor agreement with the Teamsters, participating in Vermont's healthcare reform initiatives, and working for a traditional but crazy-creative manufacturer that has defied all odds through continuous innovation.

I developed strong technical skills and business acumen as the companies I worked for went through organizational change. I played a key role in developing strategies involving deployment of human resources and attainment of operational synergies. My strengths are breaking down business strategies into actionable and responsive plans, developing and delivering leadership training, and creating communications plans. I address company objectives with an empathetic and approachable style that employees trust.


My undergrad degree is from Skidmore College in English/French. I pursued a law degree at Albany Law School after seven years in human resources so that I could be a more valuable in-house resource helping companies avoid litigation. In 2015, I completed a graduate program at the University of Denver in strategic innovation and change in order to stay current with business transformation strategies.


I'm now taking the next step of channeling my expertise into Denver's startup community as a consultant, workshop facilitator, and podcast co-host. I like working with organizations at the inflection point where they need some help setting infrastructure that supports scalable growth. I am a one-stop resource for next gen strategic HR, growth and culture initiatives, and a friendly approach to employment law compliance. 


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