Success comes through proactive use of design thinking and employee experience models that support organizational structures, processes, and systems while addressing the tension between culture and compliance.  Partnering with Elizabeth Worthington will increase your chances of scaling effectively by putting into play her expertise as a business strategist, team-centric organizational tactician, and employment law attorney. Her starting point is understanding your company's goals and objectives.

  •  Are your HR tasks integrated into a value-add strategic framework?

  • Do you have a flexible and scalable organizational strategy? Are your teams engaged and networked?

  • Do you know what your legal obligations are based on the number of employees you have?

Growth and Culture
  • Leadership and team building training;

  • Communications that allow employees to see that their contributions matter;

  • Strategies and systems that embrace the gig economy and employee experience.


  • Analytics to guide recruiting and workforce planning;

  • Compensation plans and perks that reward collaboration;

  • Agile performance management processes;

  • HR Workflow improvements.


Next Gen Human Resources
Employment Law
  • Coaching skills and issue spotting for managers;

  • Policies and procedures development;

  • Supervisory and employee training;

  • HR audits.


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